fredag 27 maj 2011

Review from Mr.GTD

"If there is one country that has consistently significantly upgraded any British conceived musical formula, then such a title clearly belongs to Sweden, allow me to explain.

(Hardcore Punk) - Crass < Asocial.

(Black Metal) - Venom < Dark Funeral

(Melodeath) - Carcass < Dismember

(Grindcore) - Napalm Death < Nasum

You get the drift, any thing we thought we were good at, Sweden one ups in a blazing glory of harmonious riffs and infectious catchiness.

One such band who has entered this cat and mouse game, is Swedens modest Grinders Livet Som Insats. Whose breed of grind is somewhat akin to a Nasum Sayyadina hybrid prototype, grinding smoothly whilst harnessing an explosive power which is let loose in a violent altercation of noise and harmony with passionate bursts of anger are yelped out amongst this ensuing battlefield. As is to be expected of Sweden there is a prevalent feel of harmony and melody that winds its way up and down in an agitated state of fear as if snaking away in the grass from some life threatening beast. Evidently the beast gets its way as we hear a vehement yet colourful expression of punk fuelled hatred burst its way out in a yattering foray of blast's, power chords and convulsive screaming.

Guitar work and vocals is what really defines this release, not to say that percussion is sub standard, because in my books they are equally great, but the overall feel of juxtaposing mellowed out submissiveness and the upper cut to the face moments are greatly fleshed out in the string worK, with equal onus on the nice speed dynamic that collapses one mood to the next in a 8 and a half minute gliding tumble of memorable passages.

If you must know, I did have an active hand in getting this released, but that's not me playing favourites in the review, its just that damn good others have to hear it. Your wish is my command; feel free to download this astonishing slab of Scandigrind."

Livet som Insats thanks Alex for the Review

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