måndag 14 november 2011


Livet Som Insats har intagit "Livets Ord Studios" och spelat in trummor, gitarr och bas till 7 låtar varav 3st kommer hamna på "Turist i Tillvaron 3#" (sirling.blogspot.com) som kommer efter årskiftet.


fredag 7 oktober 2011

Livet som Misär

Intervju med Livet uppe på Misärmanufakteriet

Det tackar vi för!!

Spelning i Gävle ihop med Anger Burning på Tisdag dessutom

söndag 11 september 2011

Livet som Turist

Sörling bjuder på fina ord!! Livet som Insats bjuder på ett stort tack tillbaka!!

Vi kan även meddela att LxSxI kommer medverka på Turist i tillvaron samlings-LPn vol.3 vilket borde vara ute lagom tills snön börjar smälta.

Tilläggas bör också göra att våra vänner från Norr kommer medverka på Turist i tillvaron Vol.2 som borde vara ute lagom tills tomten kommer.


fredag 1 juli 2011

Livet som Insats supports Magrudergrind in Stockholm 6/7

Livet som Insats will preform togheter with the American Grinders Magrudergrind in Stockholm (Grundbulten) 6th July!!

lördag 11 juni 2011

Livet som Insats - Första Insatsen

Promo låtarna är nu släppta på Kassett!!
Limiterad och handnumrerad till 100ex.
25med Rött band
75med Blått band

20:- Plus frakt

In English
Our promo songs is now released on Tape!!

It's limited to 100.
25 with Red tape
75 with Blue tape

2€ plus shipping


söndag 5 juni 2011

Trail By Ordeal!

Fourth Review up! Trail By Ordeal

Do you love the Swedish crust/grind sound, but wince at the growing number of shameless Nasum clones? Do you get tired of the formulaic alternation of d-beats and blasting, as though having an overt "hardcore influence" somehow spoke for itself and made the music inherently raw and powerful? Do you find yourself longing for a nastier, more visceral incarnation of Swedegrind?

If so, I strongly suggest checking out Livet Som Insats. They just released a free 6-track advance EP, streaming above (you dipshit), and are hoping to release the full-length soon. This is a sick set of tracks that points in a really cool direction. LSI's sound is distinctly Swedish but full of the things that so many bands running this style into the ground are lacking. It's not just "melodic" in the sense of including consonant, harmonized riffs...there are genuine hooks, like the epic slow riff that drops at 1:04 in "Der Kanslan." The production, while clear, is pretty ballsy by this scene's standards. Most important, the music isn't just fast and loud, it has a sense of crushing, warping physical power.

I want to geek out about the opening passage of the track "Tynstad," though, because it immediately got me excited about LSI. After a few opening strums, the track bursts into a speedy, headbanging section that will clearly lead us into the blasting we all came for. For a Nasum clone, there is no doubt that this would be a section of disposable Anti-Cimex worship--it's just the default choice. But LSI are smarter than that. They fill the same musical niche in a cooler, more interesting way. The riff is made up of continuous trem-picking rather than syncopated punk strumming, so it works more like early black metal. It's elegantly constructed, and this particular phrasing makes it stand out from other riffs with similar chord patterns.

What's most important, though, is the way this riff works with the drums. They're not playing a d-beat. Instead, they charge forwards in a Slayer beat or, if you must, a "polka beat." But the drummer is pushing it. He's straining the limits of the tempo in his headlong charge, and I think you can even hear a slight asymmetry in the times between snare and kick. It reminds me of 80s death metal bands like Kreator and Sadus, whose drummers thrashed so fast they verged on blasting. These frantic drums push against the guitars, and in that tension we get the effect known to scholars as GRIND.

By all that, what I mean is: LSI take what could be a de rigueur display of punk influence and turn it into something with real significance for their music. This isn't a mere set-up for blasting to come. Instead, these guys come out of the gate grinding. In fact, they are pretty much ALWAYS GRINDING in one way or another, and that's a good thing. We'll be keeping track of LSI, and you should do the same.

Make sure you're not standing near any delicate furniture while you're listening.

P.S. Thanks to the dope Swedish hardcore mag Lukinzine for turning me on to these guys!

Thanks a lot for all the response!!

måndag 30 maj 2011

Sound out the Braille

Sound Out The Braille wrote some sick words aswell:

"Livet Som Insats plays a style of grindcore that is oddly catchy. They integrate death metal elements into a melodic blend of grindcore and d-beat aggression and they do this really fucking well. They are a musical meld of all the best aspects of bands like Nasum, Entombed, Sayyadina and Skitsystem, but without ever sounding forced. These six tracks are over in a flash, seven minutes or so, but the range they display is impressive. I know next to nothing of the band, but after listening to this for more than seven times in a row, I definately wanna know and hear alot more. I really love how the melodies melt into the tremolo parts and how they so fluidly morph into the bouncy metallic d-beat styled riffs. Everything is rock solid here: the production (which brings to mind all previously mentioned bands), the drumming which is fluid but very energetic, the song writing, the perfectly audible but slightly distorted bass, the massive guitars and the really dynamic vocals..all of it is spotless. What impresses me even more is how all of this seems to be done so effortlessly. I expect great things from this act.

For those not familiar with netlabel Grindcore Karaoke, it is the brainchild of Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist, Jay Randall. All their releases are free to download and you should most definately check it out if you're into any kind of extreme music."

American Aftermath Review

Another review is up, This time from American Aftermath

Can I just say that Livet Som Insats is fucking amazing? I mean, holy shit! I’ve been listening to grind and powerviolence for a long time now and these dudes are on top of their shit. Everything is fantastic. The music isn’t too raw or too clean. The drumming is fast and powerful, the riffing is lightning fast and steady. The vocals are varied and extremely well executed. After only the first track I am hooked.

This has a very old school vibe to it with a new school style etched in. The tempo changes quite often, so there is always a shift of the pace of a track, but these guys never lose composure. Never. From the fast, punishing tracks like “Övervakad” to tracks with a slower, sludgy intro like “I’m Thru,” everything is perfect. The soft, mellow(dic) into to “Den Känslan” is a great pallet cleanser. This band has it all. Sludgy, filth-ridden grindviolence. Fucking unbelievable. In the time it has taken me to write this out, I have listened to this collection of tracks and I’m starting again. This is some of the most pulverizing, insanely good grind I’ve heard from a newer band. Well, they may not be newer, but their new to me. I will be grinding out to this band all day! Go get this immediately on Grindcore Karaoke. Do it, grinders!

fredag 27 maj 2011

Review from Mr.GTD

"If there is one country that has consistently significantly upgraded any British conceived musical formula, then such a title clearly belongs to Sweden, allow me to explain.

(Hardcore Punk) - Crass < Asocial.

(Black Metal) - Venom < Dark Funeral

(Melodeath) - Carcass < Dismember

(Grindcore) - Napalm Death < Nasum

You get the drift, any thing we thought we were good at, Sweden one ups in a blazing glory of harmonious riffs and infectious catchiness.

One such band who has entered this cat and mouse game, is Swedens modest Grinders Livet Som Insats. Whose breed of grind is somewhat akin to a Nasum Sayyadina hybrid prototype, grinding smoothly whilst harnessing an explosive power which is let loose in a violent altercation of noise and harmony with passionate bursts of anger are yelped out amongst this ensuing battlefield. As is to be expected of Sweden there is a prevalent feel of harmony and melody that winds its way up and down in an agitated state of fear as if snaking away in the grass from some life threatening beast. Evidently the beast gets its way as we hear a vehement yet colourful expression of punk fuelled hatred burst its way out in a yattering foray of blast's, power chords and convulsive screaming.

Guitar work and vocals is what really defines this release, not to say that percussion is sub standard, because in my books they are equally great, but the overall feel of juxtaposing mellowed out submissiveness and the upper cut to the face moments are greatly fleshed out in the string worK, with equal onus on the nice speed dynamic that collapses one mood to the next in a 8 and a half minute gliding tumble of memorable passages.

If you must know, I did have an active hand in getting this released, but that's not me playing favourites in the review, its just that damn good others have to hear it. Your wish is my command; feel free to download this astonishing slab of Scandigrind."

Livet som Insats thanks Alex for the Review

onsdag 25 maj 2011

6 nya låtar av 22 ute på Grindcore Karaoke.

Vi har nu släppt 6 av 22 låtar från fullängdaren på bolaget Grindcore Karaoke (http://www.grindcorekaraoke.com/album/livet-som-insats)
Bara att ta sig en lyssning och slänga in en kommentar på manglet.
Självklart kommer hela albumet släppas på 12" vinyl inom en framtid.

We would like to thank Randall of Grindcore Karaoke and Alex Layzell of Grind to Death (www.grindtodeath.com) for all the support!


fredag 20 maj 2011

LxSxI lyfter på hatten

Hatten av för Gitarrhals stryparen Henrik Palm.

"Man blåser upp sig själv direkt med myspacesida, videobloggar på engelska, tio musikvideos och annat skit istället för att köra på den gräsrotsnivå man faktiskt befinner sig på och låta ärligheten och tålamodet styra. Folk har för bråttom och i ärlighetens är det bara patetiskt att försöka leka rockstjärna i en stad som Falun, eller i vilken stad som helst för den delen. Men det här var för fem år sedan och jag hoppas och tror att det ser annorlunda ut idag. Ett bra band finns i alla fall och det är Livet Som Insats."

Henrik, jag är rädd för att allt är sig likt...

Ses på Lava imorgon 19:15!!

onsdag 18 maj 2011

Mayday Moshpit 21 Maj, Stockholm

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Uppmanar alla att dra till Kulturhuset Lava (Sergels torg), Stockholm den 21 Maj för att uppleva rå, smutsig och snabb jävla grind!
Vi spelar ganska tidigt (19:15) Så se till att vara där i tid så ni inte missar det här.

Inträde 30kr

Kan även meddela att fullängdaren är inspelad och mixad så nu återstår omslag och ett bolag som kan tänka sig att släppa detta råmangel på 22låtar.


måndag 16 maj 2011

The eagle has landed!

Splitten är äntligen här. Köp ett ex för 90kr (Då ingår frakten). Droppa ett mail till mig här eller till livetsominsats(a)gmail.com

torsdag 5 maj 2011

Livet som Insats/Raw Hate 10" split PRE-ORDER

Raw Hate 10" är äntligen klar och ska skeppas ifrån Frankrike till vår brevlåda.

Förbeställ skivan av oss direkt via vår mail! (livetsominsats(AT)gmail.com)
90kr (då ingår frakten) 60kr om man möts upp någonstans

Går även att förbeställa våra Livet som Insats paket:
"Nästan hela skiten" och "Hela skiten"

"Nästan hela skiten" innehåller
En "Till Vilket pris..?" T-Shirt (valfri design)
Raw Hate/Livet som Insats 10"
Livet som Insats Patch
Två olika Livet som Insats pins
200kr(Frakten ingår i priset)

"Hela Skiten"
Två "Till Vilket Pris..?" Tshirt (båda designerna)
Raw Hate/Livet som Insats 10"
Livet som Insats Patch
Två olika Livet som Insats pins
250kr(Frakten ingår i priset)

Så fort skivan kommer lägger vi upp bilder på paketen.

Det blir mycket billigare att köpa paketen så klart.
Vill man inte köpa paketen så kostar våra prylar: (Utan Frakt)
T-Shirt: 100kr
Raw Hate/Livet 10": 60kr
Patch: 10kr
Pin: 5kr

In English
The Raw Hate and Livet som Insats Split is finally done.
We are currently waiting for them to be shipped from France to our mailbox.

You can Pre-order the record right now, just send us an Email at (livetsominsats(at)gmail.com)

The split will cost 6€, (plus shipping)

You can also Pre-order Livet som Insats Die Hard package "Almost all of our shit" and "All of our shit"

"Almost all of our shit" includes:
One "Till Vilket Pris..?" T-shirt (Choose between two different designs)
Raw Hate/Livet som Insats split 10"
Livet som Insats Patch
Two Livet som Insats pins
18€,17£,27$(Plus Shipping)

"All of our shit":
Both "Till Vilket Pris..?" T-shirt (different designs)
Raw Hate/Livet som Insats split 10"
Livet som Insats Patch
Two Livet som Insats pins
23€,22£,35$ (Plus Shipping)
For more accurate shipping information, Email us.

When the record arrive we will upload a photo of the two different package

måndag 2 maj 2011

Looking for gigs!

Livet Som Insats are now currently looking for gigs.
If you want to book us contact us through:
Livetsominsats@gmail.com or Livet Som Insats at Facebook.

Also got some news from ATW Records that the split 10" with Raw Hate (http://www.myspace.com/Rawhate) is pressed and we are now only waiting for the album cover.

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