måndag 30 maj 2011

American Aftermath Review

Another review is up, This time from American Aftermath

Can I just say that Livet Som Insats is fucking amazing? I mean, holy shit! I’ve been listening to grind and powerviolence for a long time now and these dudes are on top of their shit. Everything is fantastic. The music isn’t too raw or too clean. The drumming is fast and powerful, the riffing is lightning fast and steady. The vocals are varied and extremely well executed. After only the first track I am hooked.

This has a very old school vibe to it with a new school style etched in. The tempo changes quite often, so there is always a shift of the pace of a track, but these guys never lose composure. Never. From the fast, punishing tracks like “Övervakad” to tracks with a slower, sludgy intro like “I’m Thru,” everything is perfect. The soft, mellow(dic) into to “Den Känslan” is a great pallet cleanser. This band has it all. Sludgy, filth-ridden grindviolence. Fucking unbelievable. In the time it has taken me to write this out, I have listened to this collection of tracks and I’m starting again. This is some of the most pulverizing, insanely good grind I’ve heard from a newer band. Well, they may not be newer, but their new to me. I will be grinding out to this band all day! Go get this immediately on Grindcore Karaoke. Do it, grinders!

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